Top 5 Fantastic Yankee Candles That Are Great For Halloween

Top 5 Fantastic Yankee Candles That Are Great For Halloween

Looking for some ghoulish scents? These are our top 5 Yankee Candle fragrances for Halloween 2022.

It’s that time of year again – All Hallows Eve is creeping up on us slowly but surely. Thankfully, this presents us with some welcome spooky relief. This time of year brings with it the joy of children gleefully filling whatever they can with sweets and candy. It also offers an absolute array of kooky fancy dress outfits (Squid Game costumes anybody?), and the sweet aromas of food that warm your bones. There is absolutely no harm in adding to the sensational smells of the latter with some seasonal Yankee Candles. This is our top 5 Yankee Candles for Halloween 2022.

1. Pumpkin

Yankee Candles That Are Great For Halloween

Naturally, any Halloween-inspired list would be completely void without pumpkin on it, so we should get this one straight out of the way. This orange, winter squash has been a staple of Halloween for well over 100 years, after it was used by British settlers as an alternative to turnip. Unlike its root vegetable friend, pumpkin is also an aphrodisiac, which could certainly help switch the mood up from spooky in some circumstances…!

Yankee Candle have you well covered in the pumpkin stakes, offering Spiced Pumpkin, the very apt Pumpkin Wreath, Apple Pumpkin, and the amazingly named Moonbeams On Pumpkins. Quite the selection, we’re sure you’ll agree.

2. Cinnamon

Yankee Candles That Are Great For Halloween

Cinnamon is great pick for creating an Autumnal setting. This sweet spice has an unmistaken aroma, and is often found wafting from bakeries across the land. The warm, full, peppery scent is slightly fruity and has a hint of vanilla. Aside from its lovely smell, the spice itself also has a positive health implication owing to its antioxidant compounds, and is one of the reasons it is relatively prevalent in the typical Mediterranean diet.

Sparkling Cinnamon is sure to bring the ghouls out, while Sugared Cinnamon Apple will sweeten up any household with ease.

3. Sage

Sage Yankee Candle

The herb Sage has been used for centuries as a method of cleansing, whether that be people or physical spaces, so it makes absolute sense that its spiritual use cases have resulted in it becoming a much loved Halloween smell.

Sage & Citrus is a tangy take on the usually earthy odour, or alternatively Silver Sage & Pine offers a fresher option.

4. Apple

Apple is a very versatile Halloween scent

Bobbing apples, candy apples, spiced apples – there is absolutely no doubt that the humble apple features prominently at the forefront of any Halloween party thats worth attending. This immensely popular fruit has been a staple in many healthy diets for eternity, but at this time of year the sweet flavour lends itself to some sweet toppings

Macintosh is your more traditional apple aroma, whereas Red Apple Wreath brings home all the holiday flavours.

5. Witches Brew

Yankee Candles Halloween, Witch Style

If none of the above are quite what you’re looking for, Witches Brew is tailor made for the Halloween experience, and is surely a great secret weapon and probably a must have out of all the Yankee Candles for Halloween 2022. This spicy sweet aroma offers a unique alternative to some of the more traditional scents, and will be sure to cast a spell over whoever smells it.

So there you have it – our top 5 Yankee Candles for Halloween 2022. If you’ve got any suggestions for scents that we may have missed, leave a comment below! If you use candles to meditate, be sure to check out 4 Awesome Easy Tips To Help You Meditate.

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