4 Awesome Easy Tips To Help You Meditate And Thrive

4 Awesome Easy Tips To Help You Meditate And Thrive

Tips to help you meditate

Meditation is a great way to relax, unwind, and relieve the stress of the day, as well as keeping your mind healthy. In theory, it’s a simple process – sit, breathe, and focus. Sounds easy, right?

4 Tips To Help You Meditate – while it may sound easy, in practice the very act of “switching off” can be hard enough. The mind is constantly active, and although we very much need it to be most of the time, when it comes to meditation, a quiet mind can do wonders for the soul. And unfortunately, at the start of their journey many people are discouraged from meditating simply because they can’t reach that moment of relaxation in a timely fashion.

As some of you will already know, it can take persistence, practice, and patience to reach a level of meditation and mindfulness that you feel happy with. For others, sometimes a little help is needed. That’s why we’ve put together 4 tips to help you meditate.

Tips to help you meditate

1. Make Yourself Comfortable

A cushion that will help you meditate

Of course, an almost integral part of the meditation practice is comfort. There is no chance of ever relaxing to a state bliss if you can’t find a place to just “be”, without getting a sore behind.

The easy choice and the first of our tips to help you meditate, is a nice cushion. They tend to be lightweight (and thus portable) and are a super straightforward answer to your problems.

Failing that, there is plenty to be said for using a meditation mat, which again is a simple and lightweight comfort solution.

Lovely Scent For Your Senses

2. Tease Your Senses

A scent that will help you meditate

Do you ever crave the rancid smell of garbage, or perhaps the searing heat of an open oven door? Er, no – of course you don’t.

Most of us would probably agree that not much beats the smell of the outdoors and the feeling of a breeze blowing gently on ones skin in terms of desirable environments to be in. While it might not be always practical to go and sit in a field and begin meditating, there are a couple of tools you can use to help tantalise your senses.

Firstly, candles are a great way to unleash the smells of the outdoors, indoors. Research has shown that certain smells help relax us more than others, such as rose, jasmine and lavender, so it’s certainly worth bearing that in mind when picking a scent.

Besides that, incense sticks are also very useful (albeit a little smokier), while fragrance oils and diffusers can also help to give you that extra little push when you’re trying to unwind.

Meditation Music

3. Put On Some Music

Sounds that will help you meditate

OK so look, we’re going to be biased here. If you are looking to add that serene backdrop to your practice, then of course you should just head over to the ZenZone YouTube Channel – we have plenty of music on there to soundtrack your daily meditation ritual. Check out our 5 Minute Zen Playlist if you want a quick fix. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to receive 20 hours of free, relaxing music.

If that doesn’t tick the box for you, there are other options. Your Zen Audio offers hundreds of hours or royalty-free relaxing soundscapes with enough content to more than cover your needs.

4. Use An Online Course

A course that will help you mediate

Whether you are struggling to get going by yourself or just still at the beginning of your journey, there is absolutely no shame at all in getting some guidance from more experienced minds. This beginners course from the wonderful Shambhala Publications is an excellent entry-level introduction into some tried and tested techniques that are sure to give you some very helpful pointers in your journey. If you are still struggling to meet your meditation goals, this is definitely one of the best tips to help you meditate.

It is available in audio and video format, and gives you four lessons that you can do at your own pace, including two guided meditations. Be sure to check it out.

So there we have it – 4 simple and effective tips to help you beat the meditation malaise. Like this article, please feel free to check out some of our previous posts here, and again please do check out our YouTube channel if you get a spare second.

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